Kate’s career began in 2021, when she uploaded her first cosplay video on the Marvel character «Black Widow».
She has already been on the pages of the ELLE GIRL RUSSIA and the ESQUIRE magazines
Also, in December 2021, Ekaterina was nominated for the Blogger Of The Year award by SRSLY. At the moment, her modelling career brings her thousands of dollars.
In less that a year Ekaterina has already managed to become the face of the Turkish construction company «TRAVOK» and cooperate with dozens of major brands, the list of which includes Avon, Max Factor, Xiaomi, Spotify, Nina Ricci, Logitech,
La Roche-Posay, Vivienne Sabo and many others.
In addition to fashion and make up, which Kate is still focused on, she started traveling around the world and collaborating with luxury hotels – Four Seasons Dubai, Saadiyat Island, Magic Hills Bali and many more.
Since the beginning of 2022, Kate moved to Dubai, where she made new acquaintances in the blogging field, collaborated with otger famous influencers and opened new basises of her blog.
At the moment Ekaterina continues to grow her audience and try herself in diffent spheres, dreaming of conquering magazine covers in the future and growing up to be a world-class celebrity.
Literally in one day it gained more that 5 million views and the next morning Kate was already shown on the news. Having started actively maintaining her accounts on Instagram and TikTok, Ekaterina quickly gained popularity and was recognised as one of the most famous cosplayers
in the world.
At the same time she is growing rapidly on YouTube, where she
is further strengthening her fan base. She has aslo taken part in
the shows «Serial Quiz»
and «Copy or Original».